Pointers Delivery

Dave Hughes, President

John Hughes, Vice President & General Manager

Pointer's Pizza was founded in 1991 by Dave and John Hughes with the idea of quickly delivering a high quality product at a reasonable price in the area of Richmond Heights, Clayton, Washington University, Fontbonne University and several area hospitals until 2 am seven days a week. We quickly became very popular on the campus and at the hospitals especially with the late night deliveries as we are still the only restaurant in the area delivering until 2 am.

In 1994 we came up with the idea of a 28" Pointersaurus Pizza and a contest to go along with it that if any team of two people can eat the entire two topping pizza in one hour we would reward them with $500. The challenge has been attempted by over 4,000 teams from almost every state in the US and from five continents. (we have winners from Asia and Africa) Currently there have been 31 winners so we have paid out $15,500! The Pointersaurus has drawn wide attention and was featured on the Travel Channel's Top Ten Places To Pigout in 2005 along with the Food Channel's Top Five Pizzas With Pizzaz in 2007. There are dozens of YouTube videos from people all over the world.

The Pointersaurus has become a party favorite with people coming from all over the St. Louis area to pick one or two of them up for birthday parties, graduations, picnics and even some wedding after parties! It weighs over ten pounds and will feed 15-20 adults for only $40 so we sell over 60 of them a week and easily over 3,000 per year! We have had an order for 100 Pointersaurus Pizzas delivered for one "WILD PARTY" at Washington University and several businesses and organizations order a dozen or more for delivery.

We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you! IF you EVER need fast and delicious food - call us!